Intro to DSLR Video for Professional Photographers

A two-day hands on workshop covering DSLR camera set up, shooting techniques, accessories, lighting, audio and workflow in our new Video Production Suite.

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Intro to DSLR Video for Professional Photographers

The demand for video content increases everyday and media savvy photographers know they need to adapt and do it quickly. If you're a photographer with experience in workflow and digital image making, then you already have many of the skills necessary to join the video revolution.

Simplicity and adaptation will be the overall theme of this Intro to DSLR Video class. Through demonstrations, discussions, and hands on exercises you will learn the technical aspects of video capture, including camera set up, frame rates, picture profiles and white balance.*

Through hands on demonstration in metering, focusing and exposure techniques, you will learn to adapt your photography skills to video capture. Additional exercises in lighting and camera movement in our production studios will show you how to apply your creative skills to the art of video/film making. Audio will also be discussed and demonstrated, including dual system audio and syncing in post. Workflow, file management and editing options will be demonstrated. iMac workstations will be provided for the workflow demonstrations. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own cameras and gear. However, equipment is not required. We can provide cameras and all the accessories necessary for a successful and fulfilling workshop experience.

This Workshop will provide you with a solid technical foundation, creative inspiration and will also show you how to start producing professional video without a lot of special gear and/or new software.

*Camera demonstrations and technical discussions will revolve around the Canon 5D MkIII (techniques and settings can be applied to other cameras).


Our Facilities

Hallmark's newly created Video Production Suite includes nearly 5000 square feet dedicated to video production and editing. There is an editing lab, a dedicated audio recording studio and video production studio. Equipment includes Canon 5D Mark III cameras, Zacuto viewfinders, Manfrotto and Benro video heads, iKan location monitors, Rode microphones, Zoom H4n recorders, Cinevate accessories and sliders, Profoto, Lowel and iKan lighting, 24" iMac computers and Final Cut Pro Studio.


Our Location

Turners Falls, Massachusetts is in beautiful Western New England at the base of the Berkshire Mountains. Our surroundings provide a great place to train, and we're also an easy place to find. We're only about an hour and a half drive from Boston, a one hour drive from Hartford, Connecticut, and a three and a half hour drive from New York City. We think that puts us in the middle of just about everything.